Truckers Chain

Order your Ice Conqueror Now!

Are you stuck in a customers loading dock, icy road or parking lot again?
The Ice conqueror chain is the emergency solution to get going!
(Time is Money) Simple, Affordable Solution - Never get stuck again.

We recommend using one on each drive tire.


Emergency 911 Truckers Dock Chain


Specially through hardened Chain

Electro Galvanized finish

Unique grab hook with latch - This latch will keep the chain
engaged in the hook when the chain goes slack.
(Latch not designed to support a load!)

Perfect Fit for multiple size truck tires

Weighs just over 4 Pounds!

Due to the small size, Storage is a breeze 
(takes up about a 3.5" x 3.5" space)


For Emergency use only!
These chains are designed to be used for only a few feet at a time.
Not to be used while driving!

$20.00 Each Assembly

Ice Conqueror by Tulsa Chain
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